All In Part

We are living in special times. Times when even a word or a gesture can inspire us, heal us and connect us to the source. Sometimes for only a second. ‘All In Part’ contributes to this through works of art that function as tools to carrying these messages. 
Anything can help us to be aware of a very comfortable but unwanted mechanism.
A "simple" piece of Art at home, a t-shirt, or even a phone cover can all contain a powerful message. Anything can be a reminder of the magic behind a seed becoming food, the smile of our children, a simple tree or a hug with a friend.
Reconnecting to the “All” will make us value everything we are taking for granted. It will make us slow down, trying to get rid of those mechanisms and habits that don’t allow us to see … even though if we are looking.
For so long, we have lived under the context of division - where the “Part” becomes the “All”. However, in the journey we have forgotten that every Part contains the All.
So simple and complex at the same time. New times are in need of new messages.


And this is our contribution ...

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Some products created specifically for this site may require longer shipping times and higher shipping costs because they are created in the United States.
Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.