Golden Ratio Collection

Golden Ratio Collection

The golden ratio or golden section, also called the divine proportion, indicates a ratio between two numbers.

Specifically, it is a ratio between two numbers that results in the irrational number 1.618033. This number is unique and particular and is called Phi.

This mathematical ratio generates, a sequence of numbers in proportion, which identifies the most harmonious forms of nature, which our brain associates with perfection.

Golden Ratio in Nature

The golden ratio sometimes makes a figure, such as a human face, harmonious to the eye, and at other times makes very complex geometric figures more balanced. 

This ratio is the basis of many of the most harmonious shapes found in nature.

Think of the shape of galaxies, or the shapes of hurricanes, or simply the tiny shells, or the shapes of flowers.

Everything that exists in the universe, in nature, is the subject of a natural principle, which can be derived from this relationship in proportion and the so-called Fibonacci sequence.

Golden Ratio in Art

Over time, numerous artists have used the golden ratio to give harmony and perfection to their works.

Taking Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa as a reference, we can see how there are non-random proportions between the eyes, nose, forehead and chin.

Even in Michelangelo's works, we can see the golden proportions, as in the fresco The Creation of Adam.

Golden Ratio in Graphic Design

The Golden ratio in Graphic Design finds its application in particular in the construction of logos.

There are many examples of famous logos that have been constructed using the principles and shapes of the Golden Ratio, such as: ApplePepsiTwitterNational Geographic